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Draw my OC Contest OPEN! Chances to Win $75!
Hey there everyone! I have wanted to try one of these for awhile, and now since I have ocs that I love I want to try opening it! This is my official DMO contest, breaking out the new year of 2018!!! Ringo Wants a Hug 
☆Here's how to enter:
-Comment down below that you will be entering! 
-create a journal to promote the contest, as I would love to be able to have a bunch of people have fun entering!
-There will be two categories- Singles and groups- and you must state which category you wish to enter!
-Please no intense gore, sexual themes or violent messages in your art!
-there is ecchi allowed to an extent!
-no fighting; I'm sure this won't happen but I feel the need to state it!
-all entries to the groups category are friendship based! I say this if you wish to draw more than one of my ocs together, all of them at the moment are nothing more than friends!
-All of my characters are Pokemon gijinka, just as an added remi
:iconheartsfalling:HeartsFalling 95 66
Couple Contest | Win 8000 points/80$ [OPEN]
Heyo!! It's been a while since I've done a contest and I'm getting a raise soon so to celebrate I'm doing a contest!
This time it will be a couple contest meaning you have to draw a one of the couples (No singles this time)
This same journal will be posted on Forgotten-Stargazer and both entries linked here and there are valid
cherry blossom How to enter cherry blossom 
- Make a journal advertising this contest and link it to me under the right comment -
- Draw or make something involving both the oc's you find in the folders below -
- Submit your piece to DA (No stash files, sorry) and link it back here under the right comment!-
-Wait to see the results!-
cherry blossom Rules cherry blossom  
- You do not have to be
:iconthoughtful-stargazer:Thoughtful-Stargazer 112 87
Over $140 in prizes Another Contest! NEW JUDGE ADD



Adding 2 first place prizes. One for animation and one for drawing~

Ending Date: March 26th 2018 at 10:30 PM
(Grace periods will be added. Up to 4 days depending on the amount of entries received)

The more entries, the more money that will be added!
5 Entries or less= 1st place= $60
10 Entries or less= 1st place= $70
Over 20 Entries = 1st place= $100
Over 30 Entries= 1st place= $140  (Animation)
:iconxxxchochoxxx:xXxChochoxXx 88 87
Omega Red by pacman23 Omega Red :iconpacman23:pacman23 714 69
[$50 for 1st] Draw-My-Ocs Contest (OPEN)
LF: PRIZE DONORS!! <33 If you'd like to donate to the prizes/bonus prizes for this competition, please send me a note!
Open: 18th January 2018.
Deadline: 27th April 2018.
PRIZES (should be updated regularly)
:bulletyellow: First Place will receive:
$50USD or 1 year Core or 6 months Core + $20
:bulletwhite: Second Place will receive:
$25 or 3 months Core + $10
:bulletorange: Third Place will receive:
$15 or 3 months Core
:la: Random Prize Winner will receive:
:bulletblack: Link all submissions to the featured comment at the bottom of this journal entry.
:bulletblack: Be in before the deadline.
:bulletblack:Max 3 submissions per person.
:bulletblack:Only one character per piece.
:bulletblack:Any submitted art will be uploaded to my TH (and eventually my individual characters' TH) but will not be added onto their individual worth, to be fair as this is a contest. Credit will be given.
:iconkibaroark:KibaRoark 128 66
[ON HOLD] Draw my OC Contest I $120+

:skull:How to enter :skull: 
Share a link to this contest via Poll/Journal/Etc. Please spread the word~!
:bulletblack: Comment below that you are interested in joining 
that is all~
:skull: My character :skull: 
There is one Oc you have to draw and its this guy name Killer
Heres the link to all his References you can use for the contest! 
:skull: Rules :skull:
:bulletblack: Digital, Traditional and Pixel are allowed
:bulletblack: Bases and tracing is not allowed
[Bullet; Black] Please tag me when you summit your entry 
:iconthe-madness-begin:The-MADNESS-Begin 54 31
$370 DRAW MY OC CONTEST [[OPEN]] - Huge Prizes
After the success of my last contest, and the fact I enjoyed holding it so much, I thought i'd open another! <3
It's another Draw my OC contest~ because I love my children more than anything <3
Start:- 15th February 2018
End:- 20th May 2018

(This gives enough time for people to enjoy themselves and enter leisurely <3
It also gives me more time to add even more prizes) 

Humanoids Mainly
Feral (Onyx, the Dainty has a feral form, for those who can only draw Ferals)
Dainty (Closed Species)
Final Fantasy
Linehearts (Closed Species)
Cute Themes
Sexual Themes
Floatsu (Closed Species)
Yaoi Couples
Heterosexual Couples
16th February 2018:- Lots of art and MYO's added for prizes
17th February 2018:- Added $50 to 1st place and $10 too 3rd place
18th February 2018:- Erin added as an option to draw
22nd February 2018:- More Art Prizes Added and 1
:iconx-cute-kitty-x:x-Cute-Kitty-x 130 85
Art Contest $150 in Prizes | Ends April 20th OPEN
Edit: New characters added!
This is a "draw my character" contest, which means that to participate, you'll pick one of the characters (will be humans, anthro and canines (feral) to choose from!!) listed below and draw them, and after some time has passed we'll pick some winners! I will be judging alongside two of my IRL friends so that the contest is not gonna be biased. Everyone, no matter your "skill" or whatever, is invited to join and all have a chance of winning some sweet prizes <3
You are allowed to draw as many of my characters as you'd like, and join as many times as you'd like. Each drawing counts as an individual entry and will all be judged seperately, which means that a person technically can win more than one prize.
The prizes will be a mix of USD/points (winner can choose) and art by a few people I really adore and have handpicked myself!
If you want to do
:iconpandalifer:Pandalifer 2,238 1,403
[Contest] Draw My OC - $400 in Prizes
New Updated 2/26/2018 - Good news is that I've ascended and I now have a job. Excellent-er news is that this means I'll be able to start saving up for this contest again. Aside from that, added two new references for Vilanda - send a note if you need to get a full view of the outfits referenced for her in 'Natural 2 / 3.'
New Updated 1/20/18 - Due to a family emergency that'll have me going on a jolly cooperative trip across the country twice ( because really going to two weddings within three months of one another is going to poop on my college student wallet -- just thinking about flying and getting fitted and renting a hotel. Ugh. ugh. Gods kill me. ), I've decided to extend the contest by a few months while we're ahead of ourselves. If circumstances pan out delightfully, then I'll be happy to roll the contest back to an earlier date. 
Oh! And you don't have to a
:iconwhimsical-sage:Whimsical-Sage 326 203
Update OO4: Suprise raise in points prizes! (It's not much but it's something <3)
Update OO3: WOW, we're just 4 entries away from unlocking 3 Honorable Mentions!! <3 <3 Thank you to everyone who has entered so far + to everyone who plans on entering!!
Update OO2: New characters have been uploaded, INCLUDING anthros! (I have one more anthro that I'm FOR SURE gonna upload!) | I need to type up a profile for my anthros, but feel free to ask for their personalities/any info!!
Update OO1: Added Unlockable prizes!
strawberry roll divider pixel F2Ustrawberry roll divider pixel F2U strawberry roll divider pixel F2Ustrawberry roll divider pixel F2Ustrawberry roll divider pixel F2U 
Finally holding my second contest! Let's toast to a wonderful turnout! >w< I'm super, super excited to see all of the entries!!!
:iconpaperinquisitor:PaperInquisitor 165 146
Daily Mecha #86 - Living Statue by MrDessin Daily Mecha #86 - Living Statue :iconmrdessin:MrDessin 11 4 #dailymecha CONTEST - pool of 500 euros by MrDessin #dailymecha CONTEST - pool of 500 euros :iconmrdessin:MrDessin 21 19
OC contest (100$ + Art) (10 DAYS LEFT)
Last year I held a neat contest, and to my surprise a LOT of people joined (up to 50!) and I decided I wanted to hold another contest this year, but with bigger prizes!
How to enter
1. Favorite this journal
2. Draw one or more of my OC's
*3. Post the drawing and link to this contest and me in the description. (Make sure I can't possibly miss it! :'D )
Optional: Make a poll or journal about this contest and challenge your friendos to do better <3 Or tag some friendos!
*If you upload your entry somewhere else, please message me the link to it <3 Can be on any social media
The oc's
I have two stories containing OC's and two OC's that live outside of these two stories. These are my lovelies <3
This is Noir
:iconnexubis:Nexubis 106 133
Scar's minipixel by Akane-Ritsu Scar's minipixel :iconakane-ritsu:Akane-Ritsu 8 2
7DAYS LEFT CONTEST : Design me an edgy Character

-11/02/2018 :   Honorable mentions ( = points price ) will be added at +25 entries
- 31/01/2018 : /!/ New important informations /!/ Even if you are not among the winners, if I love the design you make I MAY BUY IT !!
- 02/02/2018 : Art Prices added
-28/01/2018 : $$$ PRICE ADDED $$$ + INFORMATIONS : Donts and how the jugement will work.
-27/01/2018 : Art price added! 
- 26/01/2018 : Art Price added + Reflexion about deadline that might change by popular demand.
- 25/01/2018, Art prices added + Winner Package from AnotherContestGroup pending for the three winners places. (Winner Package waiting for approval ! )

Deadline : 22 MARCH 2018
( The Jury will take between 7/12 days to debate. It will be possible to still send entry to the very end of the jury day.)

:icontrashraccoon:TrashRaccoon 190 281
Draw My Characters! - Contest
Welcome one and all to the next contest of mine!
This is not going to be the usual "make me a character" one. Instead, I'm going to do the common "Draw My Character". And the prizes are simply money!
Less than a month away!
1. Be kind to all
2. Every style is welcomed
3. No harsh feelings if you don't win
4. I accept SFW and NSFW for characters with * This does NOT mean they go together.
5. I will note you payment methods in the end.
6. There will be different users for each place (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc). You cannot win two different places!
7. You can make as many entries as you like because of the rule above ^^
8. If you enter a piece, the piece is now partially mine as well. Even if you didn't win, all pieces will be added to my characters. Please understand this if you wish to participate.
9. You're welcome to draw any character with one of your characters.
10. For better chances of winning, please read
:iconloch-naessy:Loch-Naessy 52 57




:iconstarwars4ever: :iconthe-dinoliz-club: :icontron-legacy-lovers: :iconbatzarro-fc:



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